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Natural stone has been used in construction for ages. Nowadays, when electronics and technology are present in the house structure, natural sources (including the stone) balance their negative impact. They also harmonize and improve the quality of functioning of our house, places for work and relaxation. The stone has become the noblest and the most monumental material. In the contact with glass, aluminum and concrete it forms a wide range of modern materials.
Our company administers various construction projects. On the basis of our activity lies transformation of the natural stone such as sandstone, granite, marble but most of all we use the sandstone in various color shades, extracted in different areas of Poland. We also use the foreign sandstone. The sandstone is cheaper than granite or marble. It is more natural and easy to transform.
The stone is transported in blocks then cut with gang saw into slabs of a suitable size. Then we cut out some elements, grind and mill.
We take advantage of raw materials, “after gang-saw”, which are grinded, polished, flamed, bush hammered or split.
We also use more decorative forms, milled and sculptured. The construction elements are professionally fitted (elevation slabs are fitted on suitable anchor bolts) and sealed with appropriate preservatives.
Sandstone products comply with Polish construction regulations. Here are technical parameters of the sandstones used in our company:

I. Sandstones in a regular offer

II. Sandstones dispatched on order

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